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Mobile phones have always been a huge market. Mobile phone users are always on the lookout for new phones with better features at more affordable prices. Having said that, getting into the mobile phone selling business is undoubtedly profitable.

But the fact that you’re selling phones won’t be enough to get you the kind of revenue that you would ideally want. After all, your costs will already be high as acquiring the phones for selling will be expensive in itself. And every business at least needs to meet the break-even at a minimum. Of course, to be successful, you’ll have to take some measurements and follow a strategy.

Here’s what you should be starting with:

Make a Catalogue

  1. Decide the Categories
    If you’re planning to sell a range of mobile phones and accessories, then it would help your business if you made categories. You could categorize the phones based on companies. And for accessories, you could divide the items according to type – for example, mobile cases, headphones, power banks, memory cards, and so on.
  2. Decide the Prices
    This is super important as it’s a key factor that customers will consider in making their purchase decision. For this, you’ll have to take into account the price you’re getting from your vendor and the price your competitors are offering. So, you should keep your markup but initially, it’s better to keep the profit margin low. As a new business, your priority is to get more visibility and get more customers to buy from you. And usually, cheaper prices play the best role in getting this done.
  3. Get Product Images Ready
    Product images play a big role in attracting customers. You don’t need to get too many pictures of the same product, but a few high-quality images that clearly show what it looks like will do.
  4. Write Product Description
    When you sell products online, product descriptions play an important role in that. And if the products are mobile phones, then these product descriptions become even more important. The content should talk about the phone’s features and benefits. And make sure you’re using SEO keywords to optimize the product description.

Choose a Payment Method

When you’re selling mobile phones online, you should be choosing two main payment methods – Cash On Delivery (COD) and Online Payments. It would be a good idea to integrate secure payment options with your online store. You’ll also find it useful to know that COD payment option entices many buyers.

Shipping Tips

E-commerce shipping options should ideally be flexible. Some things to keep in mind are informing the buyers beforehand if you don’t deliver in a certain area, keeping them informed about their shipping progress and telling them an approximate delivery time. You could also introduce free shipping for orders above a certain amount – this is sure to catch a lot of buyers!

Increasing Traffic to Your Store

Now that you’re done with the first phase, here comes the tricky bit – driving traffic to your online store. Having great products in your store won’t be enough if you aren’t able to attract traffic.

Here are some ideas on what you can do to achieve this:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    SEO is a way to optimize your domain and drive traffic to it organically. It’s a time-consuming process that requires you to strategically use keywords in your content to display your store as one of the top results to customer search queries on search engines.
  2. Content Marketing
    Writing compelling and informative blogs to raise potential buyers’ interest. Add the link to your store in the article to drive traffic to your store from the blog as well. Content Marketing is an informative and subtle way of increasing your brand visibility and driving traffic to your desired domain.

Using these methods, you can definitely improve the chances of generating more sales from your online mobile store.

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