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In the holy Quran, strict instruction for Qurbani has been given from Allah (swt) to the Muslims who are the owners of nisab amount of wealth.

Cash in hand, share certificates, prize bonds and savings certificates, gold-silver, precious metals, commercial assets and industrial trade, agricultural crops produced, livestock and other cattle, minerals, and provident fund; Qurbani should be performed on these, but according to the Nisab.

What is Nisab for Qurbani?

Nisab is an Islamic word. To be liable for Qurbani, your wealth amount must be more than a minimal figure. This wealth amount is termed the nisab.

What is the Nisab Amount Wealth for Qurbani, and How is Nisab Value Calculated?

After fulfilling the daily needs and excluding the daily necessities, if there is fifty-two and a half tolas of silver (21 ounces or 612.36 gram) or seven and a half tolas of gold (3 ounces or 87.48 gram), or if one owns a business of its equivalent, it will be considered for the nisab of Qurbani.

What is the Minimum Amount of Nisab on Which Qurbani is Due?

If a Muslim owns the nisab amount of wealth on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of the Zilhaj month after meeting all sorts of necessities and all kinds of household expenses, then he or she must perform Qurbani in the name of the most merciful Allah (swt). 

Qurbani is a must if the cash money, business, lands and crops or food grains, assets, and other profits or halal incomes are valued as the nisab amount for Qurbani on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of the Zilhaj month.

If the minimum nisab for Qurbani is converted into cash, the amount should be about BDT 55,000 or more.

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