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Daraz coin is a customer loyalty and incentive program offered by Daraz. Customers can earn coins via the Daraz app in three different ways, one of which is by completing daily missions. Daraz Coins is a reward program introduced by the online shopping platform Daraz.

With Daraz Coins, customers can earn points when they shop on the Daraz App, and these coins are redeemable against discount vouchers. The program aims to make shopping more rewarding and encourage customer loyalty. Let’s take a closer look at how to earn coins through daily missions in the Daraz App.

How to Earn Coins by Completing Daily Missions?

1. Install Daraz Mobile App & Log In

Daraz coins can be earned or redeemed through the mobile app only. So, make sure you have Daraz mobile App, and then you can enjoy this amazing offer.

Download the Daraz mobile App for your Android or iOS device to avail of the Daraz coin offer.

2. Go to Daraz App Homepage & Click on Coins

After installing your Daraz mobile app, go to the homepage and you can see the “Coins” option in the upper corner section.

Daraz home page

On the other hand, you can also click your “Account” option to go to the Daraz coins page. See the below screenshot.

Daraz account page

3. Go to the Daraz Coins Mission Homepage

The above-mentioned 2 ways proceed you to the homepage of the Daraz coins mission. Now here, you can see all information about the coins mission of Daraz.

Daraz coin mission home page

4. See the Daily Mission & Complete It

Now you can see your daily mission on this homepage. Click “Go Now” to start your mission. And when your daily mission is completed, you will be earned more coins.

Daily mission of daraz coins

5. Steps to Earn Coins at a Glance

You can claim coins in this daily mission module by completing regular chores on the coins page of the Daraz app. Visiting Budget Shopping, Browsing Any Product, Following Any Store, Sharing a Product- these types of simple tasks are waiting for you in the Daily Missions segment. For each completed mission, you will receive an exact number of coins that will be displayed in the Daraz app. 

Let’s see the simple 3 steps to earn coins including placing an order, receiving an item, and earning coins.

how to earn daraz coins
How to Earn Coins Through the Daily Missions Method in Daraz? 38

6. Know How to Redeem Coins

Let’s see the process of redeeming your coins while purchasing from Daraz and getting discounts. In this case, first, complete your mission, then receive the order and claim your coins.

how to redeem daraz coins
How to Earn Coins Through the Daily Missions Method in Daraz? 39

coins offer for daraz club member

7. See Your Coins History

You can see the earning coins number, your membership status, daily progress, and the number of redeemed coins. Click the “Coins History” option to explore the details.

daraz club membership status

The coins history page looks like the below screenshot:

daraz coins mission history
coins mission back on daraz
How to Earn Coins Through the Daily Missions Method in Daraz? 40

Daraz Club Membership Benefits

If you are a Daraz club member, you can enjoy the below-mentioned benefits. Don’t know how to become a Daraz club member? Click here to become a Daraz club member and know more information.

daraz club membership benefits

See also the terms and conditions:

terms and conditions of daraz coins mission

Daily Mission Tasks and Rewards (Mission Re-launch)

1. Complete the Mission with Prepayment

pay with debit or credit card to get coins

2. Complete Mission with Daraz Mall Purchase

purchase daraz mall products to get coins

3. Category Mission

buy 2 categories products to enjoy coins

4. Mission Verified (Buy Daraz Verified Item)

buy daraz verified products to enjoy coins

5. Review & Win Coins

give review to get coins

You can also claim coins by daily check-ins in the Daraz app. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to download the Daraz App and be ready for the exciting dCoins-based vouchers. Visit the Daraz online shopping platform’s Daraz Coins help page for additional information.

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