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In this Festive Eid Season, there might be some questions regarding the Act of Qurbani itself. If you are planning on having a goat for Qurbani, then it’s a must that you are well informed about the specific rules regarding your Goat Qurbani. Here let’s break down the specifics and answer the question of how many Qurbani Shares in a Goat?

Religious Context

Eid Ul Adha is one of the two major religious festivals for Muslims all over the world. Celebrated on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of the month of Dhu al Hijjah, known to Bangladeshis as Zilhaj. This Eid, we observe the virtue of sacrifice. We remember the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his dearest son in the name of Allah on this Eid. We try to imbue that sense of sacrifice for the sake of Allah. Any person who is eligible for Qurbani sacrifices an animal on this Eid, symbolizing the sacrifice of our inner demons as well as

How Many Shares for a Goat?

According to economic ability, people can choose from a range of domestic animals of herbivorous nature like cows, goats, sheep, camels, etc. There are strict rules of Qurbani mentioned in the Quran. If you are planning on sacrificing a goat, it has some differences with the case of larger animals like Qurbani share in a cow

In the case of smaller animals such as goats, it is instructed that the whole animal shall be regarded as one share. There is also the minimum age of the goat for Qurbani. The goat’s age must be at least one year to be eligible for Qurbani. Also, the goat in question has to be in healthy shape (no horns, broken, no damaged tail or ear, well-fed and taken care of). 

From a Family Perspective

Every Eligible Muslim in the family should give one share of Qurbani. As goats make up one share of Qurbani, each able family member should give one goat. Qurbani Rules for Husband and Wife also follow the same rule. If each of the couples is able, they should give one share each. In the case of goats, that is equal to one goat each. If they have children, parents should give one share on behalf of the children. That includes giving Qurbani for Child Hanafi as well. 

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