How To Pay With The Online 0% EMI At Daraz?

Want to pay with EMI while shopping online at Daraz? The good news is waiting for you here! Now you can pay through the easiest online 0% EMI policy for the installment during the Daraz online shopping in Bangladesh.

Simple Process to Pay with 0% EMI Online

Step 1: Ensure only one Product is in Your Cart

⇒ Your order should contain only one product with a minimum value of BDT 10,000.

Step 2: Select Payment Method

⇒ Select Installment as your payment method during checkout.

Step 3: Select Your EMI Plan

⇒ Select Bank, EMI Tenure, and enter your card details.

Step 4: Place your order

⇒ Input your OTP received through SMS or email and place your order.

N.B: It takes up to 7 working days for your EMI plan to be activated and you will receive an SMS from your bank once this is done.

For more info, visit the Daraz EMI Partner page now. Grab delicious deals from the Daraz now. Know more about the buying guide to enhance the shopping experience.

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How to Save Your Debit/Credit Card on Daraz App(2024)

You can now shop from the Daraz online marketplace more quickly by saving your debit/credit card. Daraz’s payment method is as easy as placing an order on Daraz. Moreover, paying with a card can unveil many Daraz card payment discount offers like the Daraz visa card offer and the Daraz card payment discount. Whenever you search for Daraz Visa / MasterCard / American Express card offers online, you can definitely find a Daraz discount on the credit card for Daraz prepayment or Daraz cashback offer as well.

Steps to Save Your Debit/ Credit Card on the Daraz App

Let’s check the easy steps to save a card on the Daraz app-

1. Go to the Daraz App

If you don’t have the Daraz App on your mobile, go to the Play Store and download the app. You can download it by clicking the below image.

Download daraz online shop mobile app bd for android and ios
How to Save Your Debit/Credit Card on Daraz App(2024) 6

2. Log in to Your Account

If you don’t have a Daraz account, just create an account with your phone number or email address. You can directly log in by using your Gmail or Facebook account.

3. Add to the Card any Product

4. Go to Cart

How to save debit/credit card on daraz

5. Select the Cart Product & Click Checkout

6. Click Place Order

7. Select Debit/Credit Card in the Payment Method

8. Fill up Your Card Information and Enable the Save Card Option

How to save debit/credit card on daraz

Now you are all set. Your card is saved and it’s super easy to pay future transactions without any kind of hassle. Moreover, there are many exciting offers for card payment running in the Daraz 11.11 sale campaign.

For more information, you can check the following video for a complete tutorial on saving debit/credit cards on Daraz.

How to Find the Best Products in Daraz Bangladesh

As you know which online shopping is best in Bangladesh, you may feel much reliance while ordering necessary products online. For your domestic or international online shopping from Bangladesh, Daraz will be always there to access authentic products from popular brands more easily. But it’s not always easy though to find the top most original product allocating various categories. And so this article can show you some light of hope to find out the best product on Daraz BD.

Easy Steps to Find Out the Best Products from Daraz

For example, if you want to order a MI 10000 mAh Power Bank, you have to search for it by typing in the product name.

search your product on

Second Step: Choose the Product that has 5 Star Rating

Now you can see lots of options for different model power banks with different price rates. To select a good quality MI power bank, you have to keep a careful eye on product ratings. Once you have ensured the 5-star marks, you can select a Xiaomi power bank according to your budget price.

select your product from according to product rating

Third Step: Check the Return and Warranty Policy

Selected the product? Then along with the satisfactory product ratings, it’s time to check some necessary data regarding product authenticity as well as return and warranty policy.

For example, you have selected an MI power bank from the official Daraz Mall store. So, you’ll be privileged by 100% authentic products and 14 days easy return policy. You will also be notified of also official warranty as 6 month warranty has been ensured by your seller here.

keep eyes on rating, return and warranty policy of

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Fourth Step: Check the Customers’ Reviews Section

Now it’s time to look into the product reviews to ensure the expected positive experiences from other satisfied customers.

know about customers product reviews from

Fifth Step: See the Questions about the Product Section

And another interesting part you can find out the question-answer section between seller and customers, where it’ll be easy enough to locate any advantage or disadvantage related to your selected product.

analyse question-answers between seller and customers on

Sixth Step: See the Seller Ratings & and whether it is a Certified Store

And, of course, some important information about the product’s seller you need to know is positive seller ratings, seller size, ship-on-time, and chat response rate, based on which your effective decision for ordering the product can be affected positively.

understand positive ratings of sellers from

Now want to order this product from Daraz Bangladesh? So, it’s high time to tap on the Buy Now option unless everything is fine from your end. And where there is a problem related to online shopping at Daraz, there is the Daraz helpline contact number bd for sure. You can also make out a fast solution through the direct online chat service of Daraz Bangladesh. For better deals, the Daraz app is an easy online shopping source in Bangladesh that you know very well. Visit Daraz’s online shopping website and app to grab the best deal of the time at the best price available.

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How to Use Daraz Vouchers and Coupon Codes Easily?

Daraz is the biggest online marketplace in Bangladesh. Every day numerous people buy their daily essentials from Daraz Bangladesh with some outstanding beneficial deals. There are countless Daraz discount vouchers and coupon codes to shop from Daraz with a more discounted price.

Whether you want to know about Daraz voucher code free bd, Daraz voucher code for a new user, or Daraz coupon code in Bangladesh- this post will help you to grab excellent deals from Daraz online shopping at a more convenient price.

Steps to Using Daraz Vouchers & Coupon Codes

Let’s have a closer look at our simple guide for using the Daraz voucher-

  • Get your Daraz vouchers by surfing the Daraz app or Daraz website – you can copy or note the voucher code.
  • You can collect your collectible voucher easily by tapping ‘collect’ beside the coupon. 
  • When the offering is open, shake your mobile to win a shake shake double Taka voucher.
  • Now you can go to your preferred product page by searching the product name in the app or explore manually.
  • Click ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ to purchase.
  • On the next ‘Checkout’ or ‘My Cart’ page, there is a text field containing ‘Enter Voucher Code’- put your voucher code there, and hit ‘APPLY’.
  • Congratulation. Your Daraz discount voucher is applied successfully and the price is updated according to the discount rate.
  • Now hit ‘Place Order’ or ‘Check Out’ to buy the product.

Aha, you’ve reached the bottom line. So, do a hurry check if your Daraz


What is the Daraz voucher?

Daraz voucher is a computer-generated code that you can only use in the deals of purchasing any products from Daraz Bangladesh. Using the Daraz voucher code will lower the actual product price which can help you to buy more authentic products at a cheap rate.

What are collectible vouchers in Daraz?

It’s happily true that Collectible Vouchers are special vouchers that can be collected and stored in your account. Whenever you log on to the Daraz site you can use them anytime before they expire.

What is the Daraz shop voucher?

Daraz seller voucher is a kind of voucher that is provided by a particular shop to its customers. You can get the Daraz seller voucher on the shop page.

What is a Double Taka Voucher in Daraz?

Daraz Double Taka voucher is an outstanding type of voucher that gives lucky customers a chance to buy products at half of the actual price.

From where can I get Daraz discount vouchers and coupon codes?

You can find exciting Daraz vouchers like I Love vouchers, double taka vouchers,  brand vouchers, etc. only on the Daraz App and website. Visit your latest Daraz app to unveil more Daraz discount vouchers.

How can I get the Daraz voucher/coupon code/promo code?

You can find official Daraz vouchers and coupon codes in the Daraz mobile app, mobile site, and desktop site. There are several places that contain Daraz vouchers and coupon codes e.g. website/app sliders, banners, campaign pages, etc.

How can I get the New User Voucher Code in Daraz?

Are you finding the Daraz welcome voucher code online? From the Daraz website or app home page, you can collect the Daraz new user voucher code easily. You can enjoy the 25% discount by applying the Daraz new user voucher code.

Can I buy or sell Daraz vouchers?

No. You can’t. Daraz vouchers cannot be bought or resold by the user. You will be banned from the platform if the evidence is found.

For Groceries, check out Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop, and save money.

You can check attractive Daraz campaign deals: Mega Deals | Happy Hour | bKash Offers | Shake Shake | Mystery Box | 11 Taka Deal | Free Shipping 

How To Pay Daraz By bKash App(bKash Cashback Offer)

With the bKash payment system, Daraz Bangladesh is offering an instant Cashback offer. Daraz bKash offer and payment system are shaped by an exceptionally relaxed user perception of online shoppers in BD.

Apart from a simple online transaction method, Daraz BD grants various Daraz bKash payment offers and bKash cashback offers to its customers. If you want benefits from Daraz, online bKash payment discount offers like Daraz bKash cashback offer, there is no extra trouble – just open your Daraz online shopping app and enjoy additional discounts with an absolutely straight bKash payment system. But do you know how to pay Daraz by bkash gateway? Let’s have a look at the Daraz bKash payment method guideline which is very much easy to follow.

How to pay bKash through the bKash App at Daraz

Step 1: Select the payment method

At checkout select bKash Online Payment as a payment option.

Step 2: Enter your bKash wallet details

Input your bKash Account Number and click proceed for the next step.

Step 3: Enter your verification code

Enter your verification code (received through SMS) and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Enter your PIN number

Enter your bKash PIN number and click Finish to confirm your order.

Take note of the following before you proceed

  1. You have an activated bKash account.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient balance in your bKash account to cover the total cost of the order.
  3. Ensure you are able to receive your OTP (one-time-password) on your mobile and have a bKash PIN.
  4. For any bKash payment-related issue, please call 16247.

But, 1 thing you should never forget is that the bKash cashback offer for Daraz payment is only available when you pay through the bKash app, not via bKash USSD payment (by mobile dialing ∗247#).

Know More About bKash Payment in Daraz

So, you just know, how to pay with your bKash account at Daraz online shop easily. Now all you have to do is wait for your desired products which are almost at your doorway. Enjoy the best ever online shopping experience with an extra discount and the best bKash cashback offer in Bangladesh with your best shopping buddy – Daraz BD. For more details, you can visit the Daraz app or Daraz official website. Visit Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop to order groceries at the best deals.

Download the Daraz App to watch the best BD cricket live streaming without buffering.

You can check attractive daraz campaign deals: Mega Deals | Happy Hour | bKash Offers | Shake Shake | Mystery Box | Free Shipping 

Read all these steps in bengali language also: দারাজে কিভাবে কিভাবে বিকাশ পেমেন্ট করবেন?

How to Buy Multiple Products in One Order on Daraz?

You may have made a decision to order products from Daraz online shopping in Bangladesh but before proceeding to place an order, you may notice another product that can seem to you a favorite one. Regarding this, what should you do? Will you leave that order as single to opt for another new order as per the new item?

In that case, with the view of easy online shopping bd, our recommendation will be to skip this kind of hassle as there are easy options on standby in Daraz online shopping website or app to shop products more than one Daraz bd online shop. Explore the Daraz to enjoy amazing offers.

How can I Buy Multiple Products Through a Single Order from Daraz Bangladesh?

2nd Step: Select the most liked product

3rd Step: Add this product to the cart.

shop various products through single daraz order

4th Step: Search for another product that you want to buy

5th Step: Then select the product like before

6th Step: Add this product to the cart again.

buy more than one products in one order at daraz

7th Step: Now Select All Added products from your Cart

8th Step: Finally click the Check-Out button and make the payment

Once these two products are included in the cart, go to the cart and select both items for checking out. Thus you can place orders for multiple products in the same order on Daraz online shopping bd. So, through this process, more than one product can be shopped through the Daraz Bangladesh online shopping app more comfortably.

Don’t miss out on the top deals of the year! Mark your calendar, set your reminders, and get ready for the shopping spree of a lifetime.

Now enjoy combo and BOGO offers for necessary groceries available at Daraz Mart – Online Grocery Shop in Daraz Bangladesh.

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How to Return Products on Daraz Easily?

Ever wondered what you would do if you ordered something online and did not like it but there was a no-return policy? With Daraz, you don’t get to face such problems. Daraz makes online shopping easy and returns even easier and that too absolutely free. So, next time you order something from Daraz online shopping that you did not need or came in wrong or you’re not satisfied with, just get it returned and refunded. It’s simple quick and absolutely free! You can visit the Daraz online shop to grab some best deals at a discounted price.

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps that we thought you should know in detail.

Process of Returning a Product You Ordered from Daraz

1. First, log in to your Daraz account and head over to ‘My Orders’.

track your orders from

Here’s where you’ll find your orders

2. The next step is to select the order you wish to return and then click Manage.

manage your orders from

Just click Manage

3. Your next step is to click Return.

click to return products on

Click on Return

4. Then, you’ve to select a reason for Return.

choose a reason to return products on

It’s okay to choose the right reason. Daraz won’t mind!

5. Now, the real question. How will you get your refund? Simply select your preferred option for payment. The payment gets cleared in approximately 13-20 days.

select the preferred option to return products on

Select your preferred option

6. Select where you’ll be dropping off the package. It can be any Daraz Shop or TCS center that’s the nearest, and most convenient for you. Just make sure you check out the locations first if you’re unaware of them.

select shipment option of

Drop-off can be a Daraz Shop or a TCS centre.

7. Done with selecting? Just accept the terms and conditions and submit the form!

submit the return form to

8. Your next step is to pack your order in the same packaging with the Return label that comes along with your order. You just need to make sure the product is in the exact condition that it came in.

Conditions Which Need to Be Followed

👉 The product should be unused, unworn, or unwashed. They can be tried, of course.
👉 The product should have all the tags, manuals, or freebies that come along with it.
👉 Your return parcel must have a return label to avoid any delay or mismanagement.
👉 Return request should be initiated within 7 days of delivery. Once the return window expires, nothing can be done.
👉 The refund process is entirely free and you’ll also get refunded for the shipping you pay.
👉 Refund Process will take time. Be patient!

Products That Cannot Be Returned

The products listed below are not eligible for Return.

CategoryNon-Returnable Items
FashionCustom-made items cannot be returned
TVs, Audio & CamerasMovies and Music cannot be returned
Computing & GamingAll software products that are labeled as non-returnable on their product detail pages
Home & LivingAll items in this category, except for hair removal and other electronic items
Beauty & HealthAll items in this category, except for clothing, hair removal, and other electronical items
Masher BazarDigital goods are any goods that are stored, delivered, and used in an electronic format. All items in this category are non-returnable once purchased and delivered, unless it is of satisfactory quality, fit for a particular purpose, and as described by the seller.
Grocer’s ShopAll items in this category
Pet SuppliesAll items in this category
Digital GoodsDigital goods are any goods that are stored, delivered, and used in an electronic format. All items in this category are non-returnable once purchased and delivered unless it is of satisfactory quality, fit for a particular purpose, and as described by the seller.

Now, you’re all set to initiate your return! You might also want to know how to avoid fake products on Daraz.

How to Give Ratings and Reviews on Daraz Bangladesh?

Online shopping has, without any doubt, been a remarkable innovation that has made our lives easier! With the ease of access from millions to thousands of products of different assortments, Daraz aims to make online shopping in Bangladesh a safe, easy and convenient method of shopping with prime consideration always!

Daraz Bangladesh offers strict guidelines for its vendors and strives to make its customer experience better with every step. However, with the ease of access to the internet by everyone at this age, everybody wants to make the most of it. And so, Daraz also believes in that happy shopping experience of loyal customers to build together a solid e-commerce industry in Bangladesh.

This is why you should always look for reviews and seller ratings. Seller ratings and reviews help identify buyers of honest and genuine vendors and get your desired products delivered to you.

Here’s How to Give Reviews on Daraz BD

make a valid review on


▪ Open your Daraz App or website

▪ Click on “My Account”

▪ Select the “To Review” icon at the top of the page

Read more

How to Pay with Debit or Credit Card on Daraz Eid Campaign 2023?

Do you know how to pay Daraz with card or how to add credit/debit card in Daraz? Actually, Daraz payment method is as simple as placing an order on Daraz. And, of course, there’s always an opportunity to grab the Daraz card payment discount offer very simply. So, whenever you search for Daraz Visa / MasterCard / American Express card offer online, you can surely find Daraz discount on credit card for Daraz prepayment or Daraz cashback offer as well.

Keep following these easy steps for successful Daraz payment on bank cards

Step 1st – Buy Now

 Follow the Step  Selected your product? Now you have to click on ‘Buy Now’ option,

Step 2nd – Place Order

Follow the Step  Then ‘Place Order‘ of this product,

Step 3rd – Choose Payment Option

Follow the Step  Choose the Credit/Debit Card option from the payment method,

Step 4th – Fill Up Card Details

Follow the Step  Fill up the card details carefully and to avoid the further hassle, save the card.

See the Image Tutorial here ⇓

pay with debit or credit cards on daraz

See Video Tutorial here ⇓

Following these steps properly you can place an order on Daraz BD, making a payment with a debit or credit card. But to confirm your purchase, you have to make sure the proper contact with your bank, and in the meantime, your Credit Card must be activated for online payments during campaigns like the Daraz Eid Sale campaign. You can simply save cards on Daraz to avoid extra hassle for further shopping via card payment. Again for every installment (emi) plan, don’t forget to make sure the Daraz emi partnered banks credit card is by your side. 

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How to Connect with Daraz Bangladesh During 11.11 Sale?

Want to contact Daraz because you have questions? Or maybe you want to connect with fellow Daraz customers to exchange experiences. It’s likely that at some point during shopping at Daraz 11.11 sale campaign, you’re going to want to speak to a representative and we’re here to tell you how!

How to Connect Daraz?

You can contact Daraz through three main ways:

  1. Live Chat: Daraz representatives are available from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week to help answer questions you may have. So, click here to chat now!
  2. Email ID: You can reach out to Daraz customer care through email by sending your queries and questions to!
  3. Facebook Page: You can now connect with fellow Daraz customers through our Facebook page – Daraz Online Shopping. This is a great way to hear other people share both positive and negative experiences with Daraz, get the correct support to resolve issues, and make your shopping experience more informed!

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1. How to Use Daraz Voucher Codes?

2. How to Buy on Installments?

3. How to Pay for Your Order?

4. How to Track Your Order?

and many more!

Download Daraz App Now!