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Last updated on May 10th, 2020 at 05:02 pm

The Coronavirus outbreak has left several unprivileged people extremely vulnerable. While everyone has been pushed into their homes for the sake of their own safety and protection, these are the people who’re suffering the most. With most industries and business closed temporarily, but indefinitely, the less fortunate people are now struggling to make their ends meet. Most of these people are daily wage workers who’ve been left unemployed during this global pandemic.

This is the time for the privileged class to help out those in need with their generous charity and donations. And to facilitate this safe transfer of funds and play its role in helping, Daraz has partnered with Biddyanondo Foundation to help you make digital donations.

how to make donations

Under this initiative, you can choose to donate in three ways which include ration packages and health facility packages. Each package further has options that you can opt according to your donation amount.

To make your digital donation with Daraz Bangladesh, you’ve to follow 4 simple steps

  • Select your donation package
  • Place your order
  • Select your preferred Digital Payment Method
  • Receive your donation confirmation email

how to donate through daraz

With digital donations, you don’t have to worry about having to physically visit the NGO. In these times when social distancing is of utmost importance, donating digitally brings you the facilitation and ease of helping the affected while still staying safe.

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All people donating are can rest assured that their donations are directly being collected and distributed to the registered families by the respective NGOs. This ensures and gives a certain satisfaction to people that their charity is indeed going to the people who really need help.

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During this global pandemic, it’s our social and personal responsibility to do what we can to make lives easier for those who need our help. Daraz aims to help 5,000 families with this initiative. Give generously with Daraz, and together we can help Bangladesh survive through one of the hardest times.

To make your donation easily, download the Daraz app today!

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