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Last updated on March 28th, 2023 at 12:22 pm

Are you confused about how to shop online or are hesitant to step into the digital realm of convenient shopping platform in Bangladesh? Then worry no more!

We’ve prepared a guide that answers all your queries about Daraz with detailed solutions so you can shop smarter and better!

Here’s all you need to know!

First things first, to make the most of your online shopping experience you have to sign up as a customer on Daraz!

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Now discover how to shop on Daraz.com.bd with step-by-step methods to enjoy hassle-free Daraz shopping online!


If you’re worried about not getting authentic products on Daraz, then here’s how you can ensure buying only authentic products!


Skip the rush and shop for your essentials from the comfort of your home with dMart and get your groceries delivered to you hassle-free!

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If you’ve found your product but are concerned about how to pay for it, then:


Know how to top up from Daraz? Availing extra discounts will be easy enough!

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Are you buying something expensive? In that case, you can also choose to pay through installments!

Darr ko darrao Daraz Installment Banner 3

If you’ve won any vouchers, make sure to add the Daraz voucher code for extra discount!


As you’re checking out, make sure to add the correct delivery address.


After receiving your product, you can leave a review about it and the customer service!


If you didn’t like the product or it was defected (or not what you ordered), you can simply return it!

Darr ko darrao Daraz Return Banner.jpg

After returning your order, you’d probably want to track your return order too:

Darr ko darrao Return Order Banner.jpg

Products return done? Now avail refunds from Daraz easily!

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Shopping is done on Daraz? Get Better Service By Rating Your Experience with Daraz!

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Want more information? Check out Daraz Help Center for all your answers, all in one place!

So, stay on top of the online shopping experience with our guide and visit daraz online shopping website and app to shop without any hassle while staying informed. Happy Shopping!

Download the Daraz app now and avail discounts!

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