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Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 12:09 pm

Are you excited about the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Do you have a date? Have you decided what to wear on the date? Here’s something to help you out with 5 fashion tips for your Valentine’s date. Whether you want to make your date on valentine’s day a blast or be the one who is super confident and comfortable on valentine’s day- you can check these tips. For more exciting gifts and fashion accessories, check out Daraz Valentine’s Day Campaign 2023 campaign to grab some alluring deals.

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1. Don’t Overdo It

Be the best version of yourself. Don’t overdress, don’t overdo your makeup, and don’t overdo the jewelry. Don’t be gaudy. For women, the latest trend is ‘no-makeup makeup’. You can safely put on subtle makeup and be ready for your date. Don’t forget to put on nice perfume on this day. And for men, we would suggest avoiding multiple fancy bracelets. Rather, put on a nice watch or smart-watch alongside a trendy bracelet.

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2. Wear Something Comfortable

Wear something you’re comfortable in. don’t wear something which will make you look like someone else and make you look uncomfortable. Women can wear casual skinny jeans with a nice top or Kurti and a light sweater and cardigan. You can also wear a long kameez or Pakistani lawn. Men can put on a nice pair of shoes or loafers with a jacket and t-shirt on casual denim.

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3. Wear Safe Colors

Wear safe colors like- black, white, navy blue, gray, and cream. Don’t wear anything too flashy. Try to stick to plain monochromatic colors. Try to avoid shiny and glittery clothes and tacky prints.

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4. Don’t Be Too Formal

Don’t wear anything formal. But don’t wear too casual either. Wear something a little nicer so that your date knows that you’ve put in an effort but you are not trying to be somebody else completely.

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5. Avoid Uncomfortable Shoes

Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes or heels because you never know how your date is going to be. You might end up having a long walk around the park. Pick the best men’s shoes or women’s shoes according to your choice to have a lovely walk to remember.

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