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Great news to all the online shoppers out there. Daraz Bangladesh is launching a coin-based loyalty and reward program ‘Daraz Coins’ to its customers. Daraz Coins is an exciting program that lets Daraz users avail discounts on the go. Anyone can get deals with this loyalty and reward program.

What is Daraz Coins?

Daraz Coins is a coin-based loyalty and reward program launched by Daraz online shop. Users can earn coins easily by performing easy & simple missions of the Daraz Coins program. After that, they can avail of discounts at the time of payment. It’s a simple way to grab some exciting discounts.

Doing Simple Missions -> Earning Coins -> Getting Discount At the Time of Payment

Who Can Earn Coins?

The Daraz Coins Mission program allows anyone to earn coins. You can earn cash by just visiting the Daraz app regularly, whether you are an old or new Daraz app user. Any online shopper with a little effort can quickly get the opportunity to win some fantastic facilities.

coins mission back on daraz

How Can You Earn Coins?

Daraz Coins service is introduced by Daraz to provide more features to Daraz app users. You can get discounts at the time of payment from the Daraz App by collecting coins. You can collect coins in these 3 ways and get discounts.

1. Complete the Mission with Prepayment

pay with debit or credit card to get coins

2. Complete Mission with Daraz Mall Purchase

purchase daraz mall products to get coins

3. Category Mission

buy 2 categories products to enjoy coins

4. Mission Verified (Buy Daraz Verified Item)

buy daraz verified products to enjoy coins

5. Review & Win Coins

give review to get coins

How Do You Use Coins To Shop Online?

By completing the Daraz Coins missions, daily check-in, and purchase in the Daraz app, you can collect coins. Using these accumulated coins to get discounts allows you to shop online in a more convenient manner.

Let’s see the process of redeeming your coins while purchasing from Daraz and getting discounts. In this case, first, complete your mission, then receive the order and claim your coins.

how to redeem daraz coins

coins offer for daraz club member

It is safe to state that Daraz Coins will bring a fantastic online shopping experience for customers. This loyalty and reward program is subject to detailed terms and conditions provided by Daraz Bangladesh which the customers are encouraged to read and understand before participation.

Daraz Coins allows shoppers to conveniently avail offers for experiencing the greatest online shopping. Now, the best online shopping in Bangladesh will be at its best- thanks to Daraz Coins. Enjoy!

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