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Last updated on June 15th, 2023 at 02:27 pm

Stress builds up when you’re stuck at home and find yourself unusually free. And we can all agree that stress is bad for you. So how do we address something like this, without having to leave our homes? We do this by de-stressing at home!</p?

To help you relax and help you get rid of all that stress, we’ve compiled for you a list of fun stress relief activities that you’d enjoy and also find effective!

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. YOGA for Your Mind and Body

Yoga is great to relax your mind and body. The poses you should definitely include in your practice are the child pose, crocodile pose, cat-cow pose and legs up the wall pose. Practice these poses and do them for around 2-3 minutes. You’ll see how much it relaxes you!


And if you’re more of an exercise person, then here are some exercises you can try out to achieve the same relaxation.

2. MUSIC is Always a Good Idea

No, we’re not saying to listen to music that’s known to be relaxing. We’re saying you listen to music that you find relaxing! Make a playlist of all these songs and play it whenever stress is starting to take over.

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3. MEDITATE Away Your Stress!

Meditation can be so realizing if you do it right. Just sit crossed legs, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Concentrate on your breathing in and out, and feel your heart beating. Be mindful of any thoughts that you get and then consciously realize that you are not your thoughts! And then, let go of your thoughts.

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4. SKETCH & PAINT Your Imagination

Arts is a fantastic stress reliever. And this doesn’t mean you need any exceptional art skills to go about this. If you find yourself in a creative mood, grab a paintbrush or sketch pen (or pencil) and start portraying your thoughts on paper. Paint or sketch whatever comes to your mind. You could also try adult coloring books for this.

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5. Witness the SUNRISE and SUNSET

This is your chance to take advantage of being at home! Take time to witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Soaking in the morning sun can be great for your body. Vitamin D relaxes the blood vessels and helps enhance circulation. As for sunset, simply watching the sun go down can be so therapeutic – that’s reason enough!

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Remember when you loved playing board games? This is an opportunity to get back in the game! Get your family together and compete in some fun board games. You’ll be surprised by how much you’re going to love the entertainment and family bonding that a simple board game can bring!

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7. WARM SHOWERS & BATHS Are Very Soothing!

Whenever you feel your muscles and nerves tense up, we suggest you take a warm shower or bath. The warm water really relaxes the body and if you mix it up with a cold shower too, then you’ll have the most relaxing experience! This hot/cold shower is called a contrast shower is used by athletes and fitness professionals to relieve sore muscles and fatigue. You can also decorate the bathroom with candles to create a relaxing ambiance.

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8. Start WRITING Down Your Thoughts

Writing has helped many, and it might help you too. If stress is starting to build up, just pick up a pen and start writing down your thoughts. More often than note, you’ll notice your mind relaxing as you pen down your stress.

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If you’re a gamer, then playing video games is perhaps one of your favorite things on Earth. And the best part is that this can actually be a stress-relieving activity for people like yourselves! So get back in touch with your mobile/PC/console games and let the healing begin!

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Research shows that indulging in positive and good memories can be great for your mind and body. So if your thoughts are weighing you down, start thinking about all the good things that you’ve been through. Perhaps, pop out some favorite pictures and think back to the good days. And while you’re at it, also remind yourself that this too shall pass.

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This is so important, dear friends! The more clutter you live in, the more stressful your ambiance becomes. So start cleaning up! Because you have time, you could actually go for a deep-clean too. Empty every drawer and discard what’s not needed, donate what’s extra and organize what’s going back in the space. De-cluttering will really create a positive vibe in the room and the overarching aura will cheer you up!

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Get started with these stress-relieving activities and you’ll see that you’re learning to deal with stress like a boss!

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